The Color of Money is Often Confused With The Feeling of Love | 2018
We Have Bitten Off Far More Than We Can Chew | 2018
We Think That We're The Consumers | 2018
Rainbow Rex
Cyan and Magenta Unicorn
Magenta T-Rex
Magenta Unicorn No. 2
Cyan Unicorn
Magenta Unicorn
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink
The Student Becomes the Teacher
And Your Little Dog Too
Mind on My Money
Buyer's Remorse
Little Black and Grey T-Rex
Little Blue T-Rex
Little Red T-Rex
Reluctant Little Gnome with Rose Gold
Reluctant Little Gnome
Reluctant Little Gnome with T-Rex
Mind on My Money
One Sided Conversation
Confrontation No. 1
Confrontation No. 2
Confrontation No. 3
Little Gnome Versus T-Rex No. 3
Little Gnome Versus T-Rex, No. 1
Little Gnome Versus T-Rex No. 2
Mind on my Money No. 2
Cyan T-Rex Study
Little Gnome Study
Turn, Smile, Shift in Cyan
Different Times, Different Places
More Than I Can Chew
Pomegranate Study
Moving In
The World Is Your Pomegranate
Pink Polkadot Mushroom Gnome
Pomegranate (Study) No. 1
Pomegranate (Study) No. 2
I Don't Understand You
Just Walk Away (Study)
I Still Don't Understand You (Study)
It's over this time (Study)
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