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About the artist


Colleen A. Critcher is a visual artist fascinated by commodity culture, kitsch, and plastic things. Her works routinely explore images of whimsical figurines, most commonly garden gnomes and dinosaurs.  Through careful visual exploration into seemingly menial things, the work reveals the powerful emotional significance of common objects and serves as a commentary about the role consumption culture plays in modern happiness. She inserts herself and others as characters in a humorous narrative, weaving personal reflections into a truly complicated web of consumerism and human emotion. 

Critcher received her M.F.A. in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. Her work has been shown at The Southern, Kai Lin Art, Gutstein Gallery, and 701 Center for Contemporary Art. She currently maintains a studio in Florence, South Carolina and teaches at Coastal Carolina University.

There is so much about art that connects us to one another. The simple act of making something to inspire thought is perhaps my favorite aspect of visual works. In my attempt to understand and comment on commodity culture, I found that human nature is always searching for meaning in everything.
— Colleen A. Critcher